5 Things of the Moment

November  2009

The Smoke

Ashton Cigars
Because they’re light, creamy and delicious and a near perfect way to start your day. Try these with Café con Leche (latin-style sweet and milky coffee), Chai latte or your favorite obnoxious Starbucks coffee creation. They smoke great to the stub.

The Drink

Camus “Borderies” Cognac

Because it’s not the same ole Remy Martin (not that there anything wrong with the Martin)… Borderies is a ‘sub-appellation’ or smaller more specialized region within the region of Cognac in France. It makes a beautifully smooth and fabulous. Try it with Ashton’s other cousin the Ashton Cabinett after a meal or in a rocks glass with a cube of ice and your favorite jazz track.

The Stuff

Kiehl’s Eye Cream
Because bags under your eyes make you look tired and give off the impression that you were partying on a school night, even though you went to bed along with your grandparents at 9PM and your boss just won’t buy it. Eye cream is not gay and this specific range is for men only. Sure you can use Preparation H, but you can also use a condom to make blow-up puppies for your little cousins birthday but you choose not to. Hint: Carry it with you, especially in long flights, dab a bit on wherever you go and you will always look refreshed.

The Place

Because its not Delhi… no really. I’m no authority on India, let alone Bombay, but the place is cool. South Bombay looks more like Madrid and Barcelona than India complete with gothic cathedrals and gargoyles hanging off art-deco buildings. Very cool… when you go check out Tote and Blue Frog.

The territory marker

Original Santal by Creed
Because 98% of all perfumes you see canvassing the whole first floor of even the most poshest department stores comes from the same three companies who are hired by designers and fashion companies alike to create scents, mostly made from artificial extracts and marketed with impunity. What you pay for is not the quality of the stuff that went into it, nor the craftsmanship of an expert (called a ‘Nez’ or nose). Creed does things differently and are a family affair that’s been in the perfume making business from some time now (http://www.creedperfumes.us/) and have designed custom-scents for Sophia Lauren, Winston-Churchill and King Edward VIII of England (more on this later).

Original Santal from Creed’s Website:

Mr. CREED combines the essence of royal sandalwood trees from India with other pure elements known for sublime scent, spiritual strength and calming power. Red-as-rubies ORIGINAL SANTAL aspires to opulent inner calm for those who wear it.

Classification: Woody / Oriental

Characteristics: Made with heartwood essence of royal sandalwood trees from Mysore, India and other pure ingredients revered for their capacity to soothe.

Top Notes: Royal Indian sandalwood; cinnamon evoking calm and home; divine coriander; fragrant, cleansing juniper berry.

Middle Notes: Tender lavender, leaves of the absolute orange tree; fragrant rosemary; revitalizing ginger.

Base Notes: Soulful Tonka bean; dreamlike vanilla

Original Santal is sexy… very sexy and draws its inspiration from India. Perfect for that trip to Bombay, sipping on chai-masala while smoking an Ashton, looking refreshed with a flask of Cognac by your side.

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