The Young Gentleman’s Guide rolls out the “YGG Manual to Incessant Faux Pas”

A gentleman is created, not born, or bred (as some may contend). Therefore the minutia and attention to detail that make up a gentleman’s way is not inherent but learnt.

The Young Gentleman (by The Sartorialist)

The Manual to Incessant Faux Pas is geared to the up and coming young gentleman, so that he can navigate through life’s and fashion’s pitfall without having to suffer through humiliation or any pass that may stain his reputation.

  • Does one wear loafers with a suit?
  • Is there anything wrong with white socks and proper shoes?
  • Does the price of a suit matter?
  • Who wears collar stays?
  • Stripes with stripes?
  • How to order wine?
  • How to order a cigar?
  • When is a t-shirt appropriate?

All these and more can be found in our Manual to Incessant Faux Pas… stay tuned…

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