Manual to Incessant Faux Pax Pas: Pocket Bulges








THE Young Gentleman is, presumably, astute, eloquent and tasteful. He does not fret about the way he looks but he

understands that part of being a man is making sure he is appropriately put together.

He may be a reader of this August publication and has heeded most of its maxims. His clothes are of quality and appropriate fit, thus donning him with a sleek and complimentary silhouette (not matter his size).

Ergo there is nothing as unsightly and incongruent with a young gentleman’s style, than to stuff his pockets incessantly with a collection keys in a (no doubt heavy key chain), phone, and other miscellanea. Ditto for his rear pocket, nothing is more unsightly than a large bulbous wallet.

The Offender

  • A wallet carries the following: Cash (a few sparing large bills at that) and cards. Nothing else. It is not a photo-album nor is it a file cabinet. For this most men have a phone; to keep numbers and picutres. Keep the cash in your pocket, neatly folded. Give the old stretched-out and torn wallet some rest and outfit yourself with a slim, simple number where cards can be kept nearlty an dorderly, forgo logos at all attempts.

The Slim Wallet

  • Keys can be kept in a key case, such as the elegant example below.

The Key Case (Brook's Brothers)

  • A money clip is useful should you find the idea of loose paper money in your poclet disorderly.

The Money Clip (Tiffany's)

  • Should you heed it necessary to carry far more cards and items that what your wallet should carry, then perhaps a small folio, made for such an occasion is the best solution.

The Card Folio (Brook's Brothers)

The gentleman is not always expected to carry his key case on his person at all times, but bulky keys could always be locked in the glove compartment of a vehicle while the car key itself is kept in his pocket. This of course will present a situation, should the car be absconded.

Below are examples of elegant and understated attaché cases (brown for day, dark for evening) The following are from an American stalwart of Gentlemen’s style; Brook’s Brothers:

The Brown Attache

The Simple/Chic Brown Attache...

The Black "Evening" Attache

Great casual bag ideas…

The Casual (Amish-handmade) Bag (Billykirk)

The Casual Bag #2 (T.Anthony)

The Throw-around Duffel (J.Crew)

The Cool Day Bag

Of course the gentleman should carry a bag; for business such a carry case is easier than identifying one for casual pursuits as a gentleman carrying a bag around may seem affected, and such notions must be done away with.

A man has “stuff” to use the vernacular but the Young Gentleman understands how such things and accoutrements of life can be carried without sacrificing style…

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