Bespoke Life: La Gloria Cubana Serie R

BECAUSE the Young Gentleman recognizes that excellence and enjoyment come hand in hand and that moreover bespoke means handcrafted perfection intended for both form and function. A bespoke life is made for pleasure and the “very best” rarely come in the veneer of big brands.

The Young Gentleman will smoke a cigar for the sheer pleasure of life; it is twenty to forty minutes of bliss where the gentleman can forget about the day’s tribulations. A great cigar is a seamless balance between power and grace; it is fragrant and perfectly constructed so that the gentlemen need not strain himself on the draw.

The Place

La Gloria Cubana is such a cigar. It is handcrafted at Miami’s El Credito factory in the heart of Little Havana. Its creator Ernesto Carillo, to ensure absolute perfection in every smoke, meticulously examines each cigar. Seasoned rollers, hailing from some of Cuba’s most infamous factories, meticulously roll each stogie. La Gloria comes in various shapes, from a hedonistic Churchill to small petit-robustos perfect for a fifteen-minute coffee break.

The Series R is handcrafted for the aficionado and gentleman who enjoys a full-bodied and flavorful smoke. The Dominican fillers are fermented and aged for much longer than La Gloria’s ‘regular’ range, to produce aromas of pumpkin spice and espresso with every puff and delivered with a complexity that is hard to find in even the best Cubans.

The Smoke

Cigar Stats:

  • Strength: Medium to full
  • Wrapper: Colorado / medium brown
  • Wrapper: Ecuador Sumatran
  • Binder: Dominican Republic
  • Filler: Dominican Republic and Nicaragua

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