The Young Gentlemen’s Guide Gift Roundup 2009

WE at the Young Gentlemen’s guide recognize the importance of a good gift; one that is well-thought out, refined and appreciated. A good gift is one that is not inevitably necessary but superfluously essential: one that you would not buy yourself but would happily receive.

Gentleman’s hint: these gifts work well for the other Gentlemen in a Young Gentlemen’s life…

For Him

House slippers
Through the thousands of years of history, civilization has given the human animal minor ways to distinguish himself from his fellow critters on this world; part of that innovation is shoes. The usage of shoes should not be confined to spaces outside a Gentlemen’s home. Unless a Gentleman is walking on fine Turkish Carpets or pure cashmere floors shoes, a pair of ‘house shoes’ or sandals, ones lined with fleece, animal fur or cashmere can add an air of luxury and pleasure with every step. A Gentlemen would be wise to keep them by the bed in the evening or by the front door so he can slip them on as soon as he walks in from a hard-day’s work: immediately the Gentleman will be taken to a place of Zen… One’s feet deserve it.

The Slipper

“Him” Scent: Tabarome by Creed
One of the most iconic Gentlemen of the 20th century is the illustrious Winston Churchill. He was a consummate consumer of all the best the world had to offer: champagne, women, cognac and fine Cuban cigars. For him the iconic perfumery house of Creed created a scent that recalled is unending passion for an item that rarely left his lips; a fine cigar. Creed crafted a scent with notes of bergamot (the intoxicating citurs which lends its aroma to Earl Grey Tea), leather, and vintage Cuban tobacco. Winston-Churchill wore it until his death. No perfume, no cologne, no scent in the world evokes the spirit of what it means to be a Gentleman than Tabarome. It is a celebration of manhood and speaks volumes of a Gentlemen’s inimitable and timeless style.

From Creed:

The Scent


A fragrance for men who aspire to be leaders, Tabarome Millesime has the essence of success in every drop. Tabarome was commissioned by a legendary British statesman who loved fine brandy and highest quality cigars. The name “Tabarome” honors the pinch of finest tobacco aroma that gives this fragrance its English club luxury.

Classification: Dry Woods / Fresh

Characteristics: A rich, warm, sensual scent perfectly balanced by a citrus freshness that is appealing to both men and women. Original, sensual, sophisticated.

Top Notes: Bergamot, Tangerine

Middle Notes: Ginger

Base Notes: Sandalwood, Patchouli, ambergris Tobacco, leather

A Monogrammed Shirt

The tradition of the monogrammed shirt hearkens back to the gilded age of European and New England prep schools where one Young Gentlemen’s blue pinpoint stripe oxford had to be set apart from the next; hence the tradition of sewing a Gentlemen’s initials was a thing of necessity.

Today’s Young Man is not in prep school anymore but nonetheless a monogrammed shirt still can exude a certain air of class and sophistication. Monogramming can seem affected and contrived and must be done tastefully. There are two schools of thought, however, when it comes to the location of a Gentlemen’s initials: 1) initials should not be visible when the shirt is worn (tucked in); or 2) such initials should be where a properly dressed man (read: jacket or waistcoat) is not visible and or in a discreet place on one’s person. The Young Gentlemen’s Guide gives credence to both these maxims; Monogramming is an “under the radar” embellishment and the Young Gentlemen would be wise to place such a monogram in an unsuspicious space, traditionally, on the left waist (under the left chest pocket should his shirt have one). These small, subtle details set the Modern Gentlemen apart from his peers without any pretence of unnecessary preciousness.

The Shirt by Brooks Brothers "Create Your Own Program" (click here)

A Fountain Pen
Everything in life should deliver subtle amounts of pleasure; nothing is quite as blissful as writing with a fountain pen. In this day and age of computers, Blackberries and iPhones, the written word is worth a lot more than ever before, and a Gentleman pulling out an elegant (and unembellished) fountain pen makes a powerful statement of taste and refinement.

It would behoove the Young Gentlemen to keep the pen simple but graceful without any unecessary embellishments (save his own initials) and eschew any pretentious notions of showing the world that he bought a famous brand; he should instead aim for substance and test the pen’s feel and balance to suit his hands and needs.

The Pen

A Custom Tie from Alexander Olch

A tie is not a needless adornment on a Young Gentlemen’s wardrobe but a mark of taste and style. A nice tie can smarten up even a simple but elegant look like a white shirt and jeans. Not all ties are created equal and many a cheap and clunky tie exists. Alexander Olch  makes some of America’s most luxurious ties in a multitude of materials; from English wool to Italian cashmere (not to mention silk, seersucker and corduroy). For the price of a nice bottle of vintage Champagne the Young Gentleman can enjoy the enduring grace of a custom-made tie, from a fabric of his choosing and in the length and width that flatters him, complete with his initials in the back (buy here).

The Tie: Its Raw Ingredients

FOR the Young Gentlemen with Ladies in his life it is important that such gifts reflect the same class and attention to detail he wishes to embellish on himself. Ultimately a gift is personal and not all women like champagne and truffles; some may just prefer a vintage cigar with a good bottle of brandy. Nevertheless The Young Gentlemen’s Guide has rounded up a variety of basics sure to please most Ladies.

The Young Gentleman would be wise to skip the plethora of cheap, commercial chocolates and gift the lady or ladies in his life with fine, handcrafted chocolates. A selection of truffles or migniardise would please even the most ardent of chocolate aficionados.

The Personalized Chocolate: by Recchiuti

Cuvee Elizabeth by Billecart-Salmon
There is nothing as sensual as a rosé champagne, and of those, none is more ethereal than the Cuveé Elizabeth from Billecart-Salmon. Made in honor of the founding family’s matron.

Created in 1988 it is a seamless balance of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay; hand crafted in the maison by the current generation of the Billecart Family, the champagne exudes notes of exotic woods, figs, and christmas spices… fabulous.

The Champagne

The Silk Hermes Scarf

Whether around a lady’s wrist, around her neck or on her head to keep her hair from waiving about; nothing is as immediately elegant, regal and yet subtle than a beautiful silk scarf. From playful prints to simple and classic styles. No one makes more beautiful and classic scarves than the house of Hermès ; originally a saddle-maker, an Hermès scarf is beautiful and timeless.

The Hermes Scarf

Her Scent: by Serge Lutens

A woman’s scent lingers far after she leaves a room; her aroma, her ghost lingers to record itself into the memory of every man, and through it, she reaches immortality. A woman’s beauty, aura, and mystique should be echoed by the perfume she wears.

Skip the plastic scents and perfumes made by celebreties and brush right through the factory made essences from designer houses to discover the magic of master perfumer Serge Lutens.

Born in Lille in 1942 Lutens’s many acheviements include films, photography as well being the creator of Christian Dior’s makeup line in 1967 and most recently Shiseido.

Serge Lutens creates immortal scents that takes its weaerer and those around them, through by gone eras and other worlds.

Here are a few picks from TGG:

{Buy them all at Aedes de Venusta}


925 Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum

Serge Lutens hommage to the Arabian dream. A solar, rich and mysterious woody fragrance where cedar and sandalwood resin are enriched by candied mandarin peel, dried figs and dates spiced with nutmeg, cumin and clove. Bayleaf, balsamic resins and Siamese benzoin make the fragrance soft and silky, almost even medicinal. Once applied to the skin, the fragrance reveals its sensuality and many rich facets.

Five O’Clock Au Gingembre

985 Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum

Follow Serge Lutens on a magical voyage through England. Afternoon tea is served as we dip into his world of refined nostalgia. Time for tea at an English manor, all black Wedgwood china and gleaming silver. Then one discovers this peppery sweetness, which is unusual and smoky in flavor… Ginger in the right setting!

Ginger root gives this delicious Eau de Parfum its sensual character. Top notes of sparkling bergamot give way to the warmth of spices and honey.

Un Bois Vanille

932 Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum

Serge Luten’s opulent vanilla scent is composed with black liquorice, sandalwood and a hint of coconut milk. Inspired by a Mexican beverage recipe back from 1519.

A La Nuit

928 Serge Lutens Eau de Parfum

This exhilarating fragrance is composed of Moroccan, Indian and Egyptian jasmine, irresistibly oriental white honey, benzoin and musk. The perfume breathes and expresses freshness, sensuality and splendour.

The Young Gentlemen’s Guide wishes everyone a Happy Holiday Season!

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