5 things of the moment: February 2010

1) Rain-proof Jacket

The Waxed Jacket: from Barbour

Why: February through April is, in most places, are cold, rainy and damp. A Gent needs to stay, not just warm, but dry. Enter wonders like the trench coat and others jackets designed to keep a man from the effects of the elements. A Trench coat is great, but sometimes a man needs something a bit more rugged, a bit more rumble-tumble and unique like waxed canvas and water-proof poplin.

(Ps- there is only one TRUE waxed jacket, and that’s the ones made by Barbour. We don’t always advocate certain brands but there are certain truisms out in the world: Polo Shirt= Lacoste; Button-down oxford= Brooks Brothers; Denim= Levi’s; Waxed jacket= Barbour. Barbour is timeless and classic- durable and will be yours all your life.)

2) Winter Grissly Boots by Quoddy |  TGG ENDORSED

The Handcrafted Boot by Quoddy

Why: They’re comfy. Simple. They’re made for you i.e. you tell them how you want it, where and when- the width, the color, the length. Whether in the rugged dessert, on a cold hike, or in the urban jungle wearing a Quoddy is like walking on air… oh and they weigh half of what a chunky Red Wing will.

3) Rhone Reds

Reds that'll put hair on your... er... The Rhone Reds

Why: Because it’s the liquid equivalent of the Quoddy but or the aforementioned dry coat. It’s the drinkable Tabarome, it’s the ultimately masculine (read= rugged) red. From the north Syrah-rich reds are spicy, meaty and ripping with wisps of dry cherry, bacon fat and white pepper.

Our Pics for Northern Reds:

  • Domaine du Gaillard (anything…)
  • Domaine Auguste Clape
  • Domaine Ogier
  • Rene Rostaing
  • Domaine de la Janasse

The more diverse Southern Rhone provides wines with a blend of Syrah, Grenache and Mouvedre. The latter offers up a mix of candied blood orange peels, violets, cherries, tomato and anything you can throw lamb at.

Our Pics for Southern Reds:

  • Domaine Brunet / Chateauneuf-du-Pape (CdP)
  • Chateau de Beaucastel (CdP)
  • Chateau la Nerthe (CdP)
  • Domaine St. Cosme (Gigondas)
  • Domaine de Santa Duc (Gigondas)

4) Laguiole Knives

The Steak Knife

Why: Because God made this possible. There are knives and then there Laguioles; this region in the Midi-Pyrenees region is better known for its hand-crafted knives topped with an iconic fly denoting it as the real deal. There are a lot of poorly made Laguioles, so make sure what you’re getting is a real quality produce- finishes range from stainless steel to olive wood. Form and function.

5) Fire (The Civilized kind by Radius Home)

The Fire

Why: Where did we say it was cold? I believe we said “cold and wet” and so therefore, when you come in from the elements, take off them boots and jacket, the Gentleman needs to curl in front of a fire; and what’s more primal male than that? We don’t mean a pile of logs or a true-to-form fireplace, we’re in 2010 and fireplaces have come full circle and can be as beautiful as a work of art…