Smell’s Like Summer 2010: Caron

Recently I was in Paris when my friend insisted on going into the overly Baroque store of Caron near the President’s House on the gilded Rue St. Honore. Once inside I felt like I was in an Alice in Wonderland rendition of Louis XV’s dressing room; baroque, gaudy, bizarre, and full of perfume. I immediately parked myself in front of the men’s colognes and began smelling away; one caught my attention immediately and it was simply called called “Pour Homme Cologne” (for those Franco-challenged it just means “for men”).

The Place

Master perfumer and perfume legend Ernest Daltroff (1867-1941) founded the house of Caron and between 1911-1939 created a handful of scents which are part of the annals of perfume history; a venerable hall of fame you can smell. In 1934 Monsieru Daltroff concocted my new favorite: “Pour un homme”

Caron’s website claims that this thoroughly masculine scent is laden with amber, musk, tonka beans (black kidney-bean shaped little, well beans, that smell like vanilla and sweet hay), lavender etc. I tried and smelled this perfume on my hand and on a smell-strip and it reminded me of only one thing (and it’s why I loved it): a gin and tonic. They describe it as “floral” I disagree, unless what they put in the bottle at the store was different; but, after all, who doesn’t like the smell of gin and tonic (those who like neither gin or tonic ignore).

The fantastic Basenotes website ( breaks it down for us identifying some of the components as lemon, rosemary, cedar, sage, and moss amongst others. It’s good stuff!

Great summer scent, fresh, green, clean with loads of juniper, hay, lavender, very nice!

Gin and Tonic you can wear

TGG Classification: Summer afternoons and evenings; spring days.

Recommended uses: vacation, cocktail time and happy hours. A picnic or a summer BBQ with the  pool nearby.

(buy it here)

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