Smells like in-between season “The cross-over”: Hierbas de Ibiza

WHAT happens when you’re in a part of the world where the days still reach into the 90’s but the evenings begin to dip into the lower 60’s and 50’s? During the day the beach, pool and sun beckon, but at night that salty, cool, and crisp cologne seems a bit out place?

In the Mediterranean, I’m thinking Italy’s Amalfi Coast, Naples and Rome, the days are spent in linen clothes all shades of Easter and white. Towards the evening, that thin powdered-blue cashmere sweater that’s been hanging from your shoulders all day finally gets worn as the night begin to settle into the fall.

These inter-season periods tend to be tricky; too hot for a full-blown woodsy and smoky winter fragrance but beginning to get too cool for something that smells like the beach. During these times it’s best to invest in a handful of cross-overs, this is a time for fun, as it is a 40-50 day window at best.

Here is a perfect time to invest in smaller vials of great fragrances (like the samples you can buy at Luckyscent) that may last you no more than a couple weeks. Some of the greatest flowers on earth (or best vintages of wines) only last but a glimpse of time.

What and Where: find it at and sample provided by-  Aedes de Vensutas

  • Enter Hierbas de Ibiza’s signature fragrance:

The Scoop (from the Aedes Website)

“If you have been lucky enough to visit Ibiza, you may know of the virtues of this magic island, where the maxim “live and let live” is particularly meaningful. HIERBAS DE IBIZA in the entire spectrum of its execution, seeks to be harmonious with the spirit of Ibiza, a land in which Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs and Christians, to name a few have dwelled, and that still today receives visitors from all over the world. The fragrance HIERBAS DE IBIZA, composed of herbs and plants of Ibiza finds it’s real definition and inspiration in the simplicities of this universe of freedom that is Ibiza.

“A fresh herbal fragrance for men and women inspired by the unique Mediterranean aromas of the island of Ibiza. It is made with the natural essences of orange and lemon peel, thyme, lavender, sage, verbena, jasmine and orange blossoms.”

The Stuff...

Hierbas de Ibiza Review

At first whiff it smells not unlike a bit of tonic water and lime dribbled on a fern; this opens to a much more varied array of citrus… lemons, limes and other exotic citrus like kaffir lime and Meyer lemon (I will leave out Buddha’s hand for sake of seeming to affected). It goes dull for just a second before bursting with stronger gin-and-tonic notes centered by a plume of powderiness, but not too much. Iris, wisteria, neroli (orange blossom flower) and other Meddietrenean flowers mix in a smell that never verges on the foppish or “un-manly” (it is a very unisex fragrance however). Reminds me, and this may just be misplaced nostalgia talking, of sitting on the coast of Montenegro, peering out into the salty Adriatic from the shade under wisteria-chocked pergola, sipping on a crisp Croatian white.

The latter notes rumble by softly with whiffs of sand, cashmere and a slight, ever so soft, woodsy (sandalwood?) aroma that leaves off slightly sweet and still crisp. The finish, which lasts for some time, is light, pleasing and homey… very reminiscent of that comfy ‘just out of the dryer’ smell with a nuance of lavender and lasts forever—this will make whoever is near you come in a little closer no doubt about it.

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