The Most Benevolent Cuban Cigar Field-guide presents: The Partagas Culebra


Type: Figurado specifically: culebra

Origin: Cuba

Brand: Partagas

Background: Partagas was founded in 1827 and is often credited with being the first proper cigar factory.


THE lore of why Culebras are braided together range from “so the employees couldn’t steal more cigars”, to “making it difficult for employees to sell their unique daily stipend of cigars on the black market”.

Who knows what the truth is but I, for one, just care about the uniqueness of the cigar itself.



The twisted truth...


The Taste:

Cutting the end I take a few cold draws:  It’s a nice and easy draw and as far as the flavor is concerned I only detect the slightest hint of barnyard shine through. I quickly toast the foot and take a few soft draws. The first third of it hits me with a shot of spice and a very mild earthy flavor. Two-thirds into the cigar things get interesting with a very strong woody almost cedar-like essence and a persistent hint of earth.

The last bit of the cigar unfurls hefty notes of leather with bits of cocoa and coffee which never seem to be overwhelming.

The beautiful grayish/black ash never lasts more then an inch at a time, partly due to the fact that the cigars had been severely manipulated by twisting them together but if you are looking to make a statement at your next event I highly recomend this Partagas Culebras to be the life of the party. –RT



Ron Tulotta, a Staten Island Native and trained Chef has worked in the kitchens of some of the America’s most renowned restaurants and lends his discerning palate, sacrifices it really, for TGG’s newest column, posted every other Wednesday: The Most Benelovent Cuban Cigar Field Guide”.

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