TGG Answer Corner: November

It seems the Young Gentlemen’s movement is gaining some steam. In our Q & A forum we have received questions and queries from Gentlemen-in-Training and the Established-Gentry alike.

RIGHT, let’s get to them…


What kind of V-neck sweater is posted as the “summer-into-fall sweater”?

The "V"

ANSWER: It’s a Ralph-Lauren Cotton “V-Neck Crew” (find it here). There are many sweaters out there and for us type of sweater is as integral as choosing underwear. This is why I always recommend you try them on- all v-necks are not made the same: cut, length, elastic waist or none, higher armholes etc. Either way, a sweater should be as snug as your shirt- which is to say fitted but not tight. It definitely should be billowy or baggy. I have a handful of sweaters and whether you’re the “lightweight cashmere” type or the cotton-type the difference for me between spring and Fall is more about color than weight.


Hi… could you suggest a Winter Perfume for daytime and evening time wear for men?

The spirtz

ANSWER: I think the biggest problem with so-called “winter scents” which is a bit of an ambitious and somewhat overzealous title, is that they can be quite powerful. The determinate factor, for men’s fragrances, between say, a “spring/summer” cologne versus a “winter/fall” one is, of course, what it smell’s like. That’s to say, summer/spring fragrances tend to be on the fresh, citrus, mossy side while winter/fall ones tend heavier towards spices, woods, musks, etc. There is, on both side, a danger to overdo all of it and smell like an Ottoman bazaar.

My favorite all-day ‘cold weather fragrance by far is Feuilles de Tabac by Harris Miller as it is neither too heavy, nor too fleety – it doesn’t dissolve into a soft powderiness which is ok in men’s fragrances, but for me, a little to precious if you’re in jeans or flannel.

The Fall/Winter Fail-safe

Find it at Aedes de Venustas or


I’m looking for a cold-weather jacket that’s both refined and sporty, not navy, warm but coat-like. Something I can wear with jeans or with a tie. Any suggestions?

The Archetype

Yes! This is a tricky category but an old and noble one. In fact, the modern “sports jacket” (which resembles a suit jacket) has its history forgotten piece of sartorial history called the “Norfolk Jacket.” This jacket, designed for hunting in the English country-side, was usually made of tweed and was embellished with belts and pleats as well as an array of pockets for ones supplies, but I digress (see picture above, man in background).

Having said all that, when I opt for a jacket theat is meant to be far more sporty than the usual modern ‘sports-coat’ I like something that recalls this heritage whether with pleats, outer-pockets, patches or epaulets—something that hints at a bit of adventure.

For this reason, should you not be the epaulets-type (we can’t all be) I would recommend the Suede Jacket (or suede-overshirt as it is called in other corners). It’s soft as, well suede, comfortable, warm but no chunkiness to kill the cool.

The No-Fuss Suede

Another option is a vest and while I’m not always easily impressed, I was blown away by Ralph Lauren’s “Beaumont Vest” (below | Buy it here) which is accented with leather-patches on the shoulders and all kinds  of other ‘masculiness’ that may quiet the dissenters who think it’s all a bit to precious.

All right folks that’s all for now- but keep those questions and comments coming!

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