Man-Can-Cook: The Steak

DUDE, I mean, c’mon. Man+cook= steak. It’s that simple. Nothing, except maybe sex and even that is a bit more ‘evolved’ is as primal as a man cooking a steak. Truth be told many a gentleman is dettered from cooking a steak- what do I put on it, how long di I cook it etc etc etc. All good questions but they fly in the face of the simplicity and wonder that is this dish.

What encompasses a good steak, and what needs to go into it? Almost nothing. Men have a bad habit of approaching cooking like a mad-dash science experiment wherein they empty the contents of their spice-cabinets on unsuspecting food in the hopes that through that alchemy something amazing (that can never be replicated) comes out of it. But in truth, if you can make a great steak (with nearly nothing) and can make it the same every time it becomes your signature dish, your mark of distinction.

Real men cook…

The Tools:

  • Fire (gas, electric, grill, wood, charcoal)
  • A cast-iron skillet (for more on cast-iron skillets go here)
  • Tongues

The Stuff:

  • Good beef: grass-fed, sirloin-cut, 1.5” / 3.81cm (this is important, if you skimp on this then no matter what you do herein, it won’t be great).
  • Great salt (not iodizes Morton’s but great salt, expensive sea salt, trust us, pays off- fleur de sel is the best)
  • Cracked black peppercorns
  • Determination

The process:

  • If you’re making the steak on the grill- get the grill HOT. If it’s on a Iron-skillet the best thing to do is, once oiled, throw it in a 400F oven, and put your burner on Med-High.
  • Take your steak out of the fridge some 15 minutes before you intend to cook it so it comes down to room temp; then dab it with a paper towel to get any excess moisture off its surface.
  • Let it snow salt and pepper all over it.
  • Take skillet out, put on med-high stove top and insert steak- hear the sizzle (or open grill- at this point you may need to open a window)
  • Leave untouched for 4-5 minutes. Turn.
  • 2-3 minutes additional on other side for rare, 4 med-rare, 5-med etc.
  • Serve hot with a simple green salad, baked potatoes, fries or on its own.- ENJOY


People think Tenderloin is better but while softer and more tender (hence the name, but in fact, as a muscle that gets almost no movement and use- it actually has very little flavor. The parts with the most flavor? Those used a lot, the shanks and, especially, the cheeks- but this requires slow cooking in order to break the toughness. TGG recommends; steak? Go Sirloin.


Obviously  a beer always- but something more hearty- an amber ale or evena stout if the weather calls for it. I like with Red; depends what you’re in the mood for: Brunello di Montalcino (Italy), Cali or Aussie Syrah/Shiraz, A Cote Rotie (France) or a heady Argentine red. Knock yourself out.

One thought on “Man-Can-Cook: The Steak

  1. Good post but I must disagree with on part. Grass fed beef is the in thing right now yes. It is also a more environmentally conscience choice. But I have tried them side by side with grain fed beef. The fattiness and flavor of the grain fed beef by far beats the lean grass fed beef. Not saying there isn’t a place for grass fed, but grain fed or grain finished cattle is going to give you a much tastier experience.

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