The Young Gentlemen’s Summer Guide 2011

The temperature keeps rising, the days longer and the nights become balmier as Spring unfurls into summer but not to worry The Young Gentlemen’s Guide is here!

Although not quite “hot” yet in most parts of the world (Europe is still quite cool, and the band that stretches from Barcelona through Milan, Istanbul and Dubrovnik a bit on the grey and rainy-side) the time has come to get ready for summer nonetheless. For the true gentleman, one that eschews the wonts and desires of trends and fashionistas respectively what then does summer mean to him?


Time to loosen it up… hot weather overall all too often translates into the degeneration of a man’s attention to the ‘smartness’ of his attire: i.e. when it gets hot, he gets sloppy. No reason; beating the heat does not mean dressing any less sharp than before-. Size is still king, wearing a size to two too big does not equal cool (in either use of the word). Play around with fabrics; most makers, houses, haberdashers and designers offer lighter-weight versions of their shirts and trousers.

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The time for “dark spirits” (re: Scotch, Cognac, etc…) is slowly coming to an end. But if you still can’t put down your Bourbon try the myriad “white whiskeys” or “moonshine” out on the market today; sadly many of these are only available in the States. Gin, as ever, is appropriate (and welcome) at any time of the year and a Gin Fizz (Gin+Soda Water+Squeeze Lime) is always welcome (leave the Vodka for another time). No spirit is as identifiable with summer as Rum and with it the brilliance of a TRUE Daiquiri (one part rum+two pars lime juice+1 part sugar/ shake/ on ice + bitters); this was one of Hemingway’s favorites, often called the “Hemingway Daiquiri”- one sip and you’ll know why. Stick with traditional white Rums (Don Q, Methuselah, Havana Club) or Premium whites (Orinoco, Cane 5 etc) and don’t skimp on the fresh lime.

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Need we remind any gentleman out there that once the temperature surpasses a certain point at midday reds are out of the question. Most of the French (especially those sun bathing on the Mediterranean coast) may argue that that point is 77F while others may argue this point the dictum stands: If it’s hot / sunny enough to get a tan, it’s warm enough for a rose. There we said it. Man-up, rose is not foppish, nor is it supposed to be sweet… a great rose carries with it the refreshing crispness of a white with the nuanced romance of a red; all in a wine that can be enjoyed with anything from a burger, to grilled prawns or a beautiful sunset.  For an authentic summer rose stick to those of Provence  (southern France).

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You DON’T HAVE TO change your fragrance with the seasons, this is true—but you don’t have to stop wearing as Jacket either… it’s just nice to. Most of life’s pleasures are purely elective and those small details which bring civilization into our daily lives can too be casted as frivolous—but then again that’s their nature (so stop complaining already). At this point all the heavy oriental fragrances, the colognes with heavy woods and musks and those with an orange hue need to go away (remember: cool, dark, place…). Reach out for fragrances which remind you of the pleasures of summer. Last year we brought you the “Smells Like Summer” which we are bringing back on 2011 with a new line-up of fragrances. Summer is the time for fragrances that are light, airy and err on the green, fresh, citrus or aquatic side. Stay tuned. (We like the Heeley Sel Marin above… review coming soon).

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Summer is time to let go, relax, and through out all the baggage. Take up a hobby; sky dive, learn to fly, go boating but whatever you do…. Relax.

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